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$ 2.45
The most widely used CPR mask in the world! Since the introduction of the Pocket Mask, Laerdal has been providing high quality barrier solutions for over 40 years. With the strategically placed 3M hydrophobic filter and One Way Valve, both providers and patients can expect the highest levels of protection...
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$ 13.00
Quality Pediatric Care The Laerdal Pediatric Pocket Mask makes CPR on pediatric patients safer. With the low resistance one way valve, and circular silicone mask for pediatric features, providers can provide better, safer CPR to Pediatric patients. The Pediatric Pocket Mask is an excellent companion for providers that often come...
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$ 14.00
Quality CPR device The Laerdal Pocket Mask's design, filter and one-way valve make it a quality choice that provides protection during CPR. By creating a slight distance between the patient and care provider the Pocket Mask also makes seeing patient lip color and chest movement easier. A high-quality 3M Filtrete hydrophobic...
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$ 9.90
Pocket Mask™ in Re-sealable Poly Bag
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$ 7.50
For All Pocket Mask Versions. One per package or Case of 100.
$ 11.25
Soaked in 70% ethyl alcohol. Dimensions are 7 3/4" x 5 1/2" per box.