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SIM-X FIRST AID TRAINING PACK Compact kit used for training students who are taking a Heartsaver first aid course. Contents: 1 Emergency/Survival Blanket 1 EpiPen Trainer Surgical Sponges Stretch Gauze Bandages
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The SIM-X Moulage Fabrication Kit is a more affordable way to get started when learning about moulage. The Moulage Fabrication Kit has all the staple items needed to create moulage but in small quantities.
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$ 4.60
The Universal Hemostatic Gauze Trainer is intended for wound packing and hemorrhage control training and simulation only.  Completely inert training gauze (no hemostatic properties) that allows for proper instruction and training.  The Universal Hemostatic Gauze Trainer comes in a resealable package that allows for multiple uses during exercises.
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