Motorcycle 1st Responder Awareness

Motorcycle 1st Responder Awareness (M1RA)

Motorcycle riders are some of the most self reliant people on Earth. If ‘wind therapy’ is part of your life, you have chosen a path that others fear. You recognize the risks, and lean into those curves knowing that you are ready to handle what life and the road throw your way.

But how ready are you for that moment your rear wheel hits gravel you didn’t see? Or when the cell phone talking Soccer Mom swerves in front of you on the highway with no where to go? We all strive to be ready, but these realities of our lifestyle are there.

Let’s work together to be better prepared for ourselves and our brothers and sisters of the road.

The Motorcycle 1st Responder Awareness Course was developed by riders for riders to provide a solid introduction to the tools and techniques necessary to keep injured riders alive until help eventually comes.

The course is focused not only on the most common survivable wounds we can manage from our saddle bags, but also ways to ensure those ‘little things’ like pipe burns, bad tacos and bugs in the eye don’t mess up an epic ride.

Life is always better on two wheels with the shiny side up and dirty side down; and after just a few hours we will have you back out on the road more confident to make sure we stay that way.

Contact us to discuss what is the best way for you or your entire riding group to get the training and equipment to make a difference.

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