SimVS is a new simulation platform that can be used in a wide range of settings such as the lab or classroom, and presenting monitor information for either standardized patients or manikins. Using tablets , SimVS provides an advanced clinical education platform to simulate realistic monitor operations  (defibrillator, hospital monitor, mechanical ventilator, fetal heart monitor , AED) for a wide range of patient conditions for far less cost than traditional simulation systems.

Our software is ideal for programs needing to increase simulation capacity on a limited budget. ​  Programs can add one monitor type or many depending upon requirements.  SimVS can replace a mechanical ventilator, defibrillator or fetal monitor  for simulation at a fraction of the cost of refurbished equipment. SimVS comes pre-programmed with a complete library of  scenarios for multiple disciplines : Nursing, Respiratory Therapy and EMS.  Running the scenarios can be done with a few selections on the instructor tablet. ​Tablets are connected over an easily setup  stand alone WiFi network.