BMK Ventures Training Programs

At BMK Ventures we are committed to our mission statement of “Serving Those Who Serve Us.” To ensure that we are not only outfitting our customers with the best possible equipment and supplies, and providing the means to use them to their fullest, BMKV has developed a robust training capability.

There is no “one size fits all” training solution. As such, BMKV offers the ability to build a custom curriculum and solution to meet your requirements. Every course we provide will be tailored and scaled to your expectations and needs.

The corner stones of our training approach to any curriculum are:

  • Solutions Based Training (vs Role Memorization and Lecture)
  • Top ranked Instructors and Simulations
  • Customized curriculum and delivery
  • Efficient logistics to ensure value 


 Law Enforcement Casualty Care

A system of medical courses tailored specifically to the Law Enforcement Community. It enables agencies to address the unique challenges faced in the asymmetrical environment of today’s tactical, social and politically charged environments.

Learn more about LECC. 

Public Access Program Course BMK Ventures is partnered with First Care Provider (FCP) to provide a 2-year DHS certification for individuals or your facility when requested
Customized Training Program  We can develop interactive and customizeable training opportunities based on your wants and needs.