SIMBODIES Advanced Female Manikin Plus

Safeguard Medical combines clinical and creative expertise in developing our SIMBODIES® medical manikins to ensure outstanding anatomical accuracy and lifelike responses, bringing hyper-realism to training experiences.

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SIMBODIES Advanced Female Manikin is purpose-built to improve clinical confidence in all training environments and reduce hesitation when delivering life-saving trauma care. As a result of our pioneering work to consistently provide the very best simulation products and services, Safeguard Medical’s SIMBODIES has become a trusted, internationally recognized brand.

The Advanced Female Manikin is designed and tested for all environments:

  • Train with confidence in the heat, cold, snow, soil, sand, and rain
  • Perform over 30 medical interventions
  • Surgical airway, Urinary catheterization, and Chest tube insertion capabilities
  • Covers all training spectrums (including trauma field care and clinical care environments)
  • Ideal for TCCC tier 1–4 point-of-injury training in field environments

Advanced Female Manikin Plus- TR0402 includes-

  • (1)Repair Kit
  • (1)Surgical Airway Kit
  • (2)Cannulation Sleeves
  • (2)Manual Bleeding Pumps
  • (1) Ultimate Sim Sleeve Kit (11x sleeves for use on role players and all manikins)
  • (1)Moulage Kit


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