ARS for Needle Decompression


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Purchase of some medical devices require users to have the supervision of a medical practitioner, these devices may be labeled "Caution" or "RX only".

Ensuring medical supervision and/or authorization is the sole responsibility of the purchaser.


For the upgraded ARS for Needle Decompression from North American Rescue, the best minds in the field were applied to the best available data. The result? Our patented design improves the probability of success when managing casualties who present with signs and symptoms of a tension pneumothorax. To achieve this end, we participated in a two-year collaboration with pre-hospital providers. We continuously analyzed data obtained from ongoing combat operations for patients whose symptoms suggested a collapsed lung (difficulty in breathing, chest drains, etc.). We applied the Analytical Thinking, Evidence-based Medicine and Human Factors engineering model to identify inherent survival stress behaviors. Then, North American Rescue went one step further. We incorporated failsafe characteristics into the product design. For example, an easy-open container protects the needle from damage during deployment. Also, we removed the flash cap from the needle system to allow immediate confirmation of placement.


    • SEL#: 09MS-02-THOR
    • Strong, reliable needle/catheter: 14 gauge x 3.25 in.
    • Rugged needle/catheter protective tube
    • Easy ID textured twist top with handy clip
    • Easy-open container for quick access
    • Capless flash chamber for immediate confirmation of needle placement
    • Convenient, compact size
    • U.S. Patents D595,847 and 001002372-0001, Patent(s) Pending



    • Packaged: L 5.7 in. x W 0.7 in. x 0.8 in.
    • Needle Size: 14 gauge x 3.25 in.
    • Weight: 0.6 oz.

Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Requires "All or virtually all" made materials, manufacturing and labor are U.S. content. "All or Virtually All" means the product should contain no or negligible foreign content.

Note: Other NAR products meet the Buy American Act (BAA) which requires "Substantially all" materials, manufacturing and labor be U.S. content "Substantially all means the product shall not exceed 50% foreign content. Due to the strict labeling requirements from the FTC we have chosen not to mark these items on the website in order to avoid confusion.


North American Rescue is proud to have several of our products receive the prestigious National Tactical Officers Association - Member Tested and Recommended designation.

In an effort to ensure product quality and innovation to its members, the NTOA has implemented a product review program through its membership. This program allows manufacturers to have their products tested in the field by the law enforcement community. Results are published on the NTOA website and in The Tactical Edge magazine.

Products up for review are distributed anonymously to pre-designated members for testing and evaluation. Products will be tested and scored in 13 possible categories on a scale of 0 to 5.

All North American Rescue products reviewed through this program exceeded the criteria in order to receive the National Tactical Officers Association - Member Tested and Recommended designation.

Latex free products contain no latex proteins and provide people with latex allergies a quality product they can use.
A European standard for medical devices, a CE Mark indicates that a device meets the requirements of the Medical Device Directive and appropriate Quality System standards.
Sterility of the item is guaranteed unless package is opened or damaged.
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