Model 108 Folding Emergency Stretcher


  • Simplest pole stretcher available
  • Ultra-light stretcher weight minimizes lifting load
  • Easy to store
  • Heavy-duty aluminum poles with nonslip handgrips allow for firm control and easy handling
  • Durable, vinyl-coated nylon cover resists stains and will not absorb blood or bodily fluids


A lightweight but sturdy pole stretcher is a must-have for many kinds of organizations. When stretcher weight and strength are top concerns, look no further than FERNO emergency stretchers. All FERNO pole stretchers provide emergency responders with durability and easy handling.

Weighing in at just eight pounds, the Model 108 hardly adds to your lifting load. After care is administered, the Model 108 is easy to clean and rolls up quickly for easy storage. With an impressive load limit of 350 pounds, this is a pole stretcher that fulfills many organizations’ needs.


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