Model 59E EZ-Glide Evacuation Chair

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  • Power or manual track system available
  • The manual track system glides the weight down stairs, allowing one person to evacuate individuals up to 200-lb or two people to evacuate individuals up to 500 lb
  • The power track system, POWERTraxx, uses an electronically-controlled motor and direct drive transmission with chair tracks to carry passengers up or down stairs, up to 500 lb
  • POWERTraxx Conversion Kit can retrofit powered tracks to the manual Model 59E EZ-Glide Evacuation Chair at any time
  • Easy-to-follow visual instructions are placed on the seatback so any person can quickly deploy the chair in an emergency
  • Reflective labeling makes the evacuation chair easy to see in dim lighting during a power outage, in a dark stairwell, or during a fire
  • Safely glides passengers down stairs, reducing operator strain and improving passenger and operator safety
  • Provides superior maneuverability in tight spaces and over all types of surfaces
  • Five-position extending rear lift bar and five-position telescoping front lift handles adjust to operator height
  • Folding design increases ease of storage
  • Smooth 4-inch front swivel wheels and extra tall 6-inch rear wheels do not collect debris and provide maneuverability in confined spaces
  • One inch track-to-ground clearance provides smooth rolling over carpet and rough surfaces, as well as easier descent down stairs
  • Patient seating surface is large and has removable ABS plastic seat panels
  • Two Model 430P two-piece restraints and one ankle restraint are included
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The Model 59E EZ-Glide Evacuation Chair helps you quickly and safely transport a seated passenger down stairs and over flat surfaces in an evacuation situation.

Belted tracks enable operators to “glide” the chair down stairs instead of carrying it. The durable Model 59E EZ-Glide Evacuation Chair can carry up to 500 lb (227 kg). It is available in a manual version or a power version that features POWERTraxx. The powered track system carries all of the weight, up to 500 lb, up or down stairs. This greatly reduces operator strain and increases operator and passenger safety.

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