Cleared Hot Episode 197 - Blair Dell and Nelson Grant

Our very own Blair Dell and his LECC™ Cadre member Nelson Grant on the widely known podcast Cleared Hot by Andy Stumpf.

The Bikers Lifestyle Podcast

Blair Dell joins The Bikers Lifestyle Podcast to discuss the Motorcycle First Aid Safety Course, motorcycles and so much more!

Bringing the Right Tool with Blair Dell - Darley Defense

Blair Dell, Public Safety & Training Leader at BMK Ventures, talks about how to create real, trainable solutions (spoiler: it starts with understanding the real problem). He sits at the intersection of protocols/requirements and hands-on training. Facing fears and training how to manage in chaos results in better fire responders and a better world. Blair is a multifaceted person that simplifies a very multifaceted solution-set that’s required of first responders in today’s unpredictable world of crime, shoot shootings, keeping the peace in a complex world.

The Warfighters: Marines Rise Above the Ambush of April 7th

On April 7, 2004 a group of U.S. Marines got ambushed while on an operation near Fallujah, Iraq – but together, the Marines fought their fears to stay calm –making 1st Reconnaissance Battalion, in Season 1, Episode 5, “Ambush of April 7th.”

Biker's Lifestyle Podcast Ep 107 Blair Dell American Bad A$$

Blair Dell is back and this time he came for a visit to the Bikers Lifestyle Podcast Studio (aka BIC Club House) and again he did Not disappoint! Blair is from BMK Ventures and 813 Consulting LLC and he is a man that puts his money where his mouth is. He served 4 tours in Iraq and Afghanistan as a Navy Special Chief and using his acquired real time training, has cross applied it to Initial First Aid response training and medical kits. Blair’s motto is No Ego…All In. Why is this relevant to Bikers? Because in many cases, when the rubber literally hits the road there is no time to waste in providing immediate first aid. Calling 911 is always recommended but their response time is often delayed and you need to act now and Blair can provide you the tools and training needed. This episode is Highly recommended.

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