Unit Level Medical Kits

Unit Level Medical Kits3 Products

$ 325.00
BIG DADDY INFO: Designed to be the First Responder/ Medic/Corpsman’s medical bag for large mission requirements or emplaced in a vehicle for convoy operations. Robust TCCC approved packing list User configurable Trauma and Sickcall supplies in one configuration. Contact us for a detailed listing of this massive packing list!
$ 225.00
  PARA-ET-1-XX  Designed to be the First Responder/Medic/Corpsman’s first line trauma pack during tactical field care. Slim design carries all essential TCCC equipment needed for operational medical missions.   Slim/lightweight for vehicle and aircraft operations Mission Specific Modular designed
$ 99.75
PARA-CLSW-1-XX  The Para-X Waist Medical provides squad level medical capability to compliment individual medical kits worn by individuals. Three ways to wear include MOLLE mounting, waist strap, and a sleeve to attach the kit to a padded waist belt. This kits compact size lessens the burden of carry additional medical...