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VersaWrap® is an FDA-cleared medical device implant (not tissue) comprising hyaluronic acid (HA) and alginate that provides a gelatinous encasement for peripheral nerves, tendons, and surrounding tissues such as ligaments and skeletal muscles. VersaWrap® allows tissues to glide and to remain untethered, thereby reducing reoperations and improving patient outcomes.

VersaWrap® consists of a bioresorbable hydrogel sheet and a wetting solution. The sheet is transparent, flexible, ultrathin, non-sided, and can be cut to the desired size before or during implantation procedures.


  • Tenolysis/Neurolysis
  • Crush injuries
  • Stretch injuries
  • Compression injuries
  • Over direct suture repair
  • Partially severed
  • Completely severed
    following primary repair
  • Tendon/nerve injuries
    and/or repairs that require
    separation/protection from
    surrounding soft tissues
  • Reattachment or lengthening

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