VersaWrap®- 2″x2″

VersaWrap® is an FDA-cleared medical device implant (not tissue) comprising hyaluronic
acid (HA) and alginate that provides a gelatinous encasement for peripheral nerves,
tendons, and surrounding tissues such as ligaments and skeletal muscles. VersaWrap® allows
tissues to glide and to remain untethered, thereby reducing reoperations and improving
patient outcomes.

Contact BMK Ventures for commercial and government procurement options.

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VersaWrap® is nano-porous with migration of biomolecules via passive diffusion1 Water
immobilized within the hydrogel allows rapid exchange of oxygen, nutrients, water soluble
drugs and growth factors. Prior to bioresorption VersaWrap® is easily permeable to
macromolecules up to 3.6 nm Stokes radius (i.e. small molecules required to support healing
and regeneration) while large molecules, proteins, and cells such as fibroblasts are too large
to diffuse during initial healing stages. This protection provides an optimal microenvironment
for healing nerve by reducing the invasion of scar tissue forming fibroblasts to the injury site
until late-stage healing.

VersaWrap® consists of a bioresorbable hydrogel sheet and a wetting solution. The sheet is
transparent, flexible, ultrathin, non-sided, and can be cut to the desired size before or during
implantation procedures.


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