7 SIGMA| Burn Airway Kits

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  • Airway mimics that of a victim with smoke inhalation
    • Swollen Epiglottis
    • Swollen Arytenoids
  • Modular component to use with the 7S³ Torso Airway Trainer

The face is easily removable for access to or replacement of, the jaw and airway. The front skull holds the airway assembly and jaw in a “muzzle” fixture system.

*Please note; like an actual burn victim, the 7S³ burn victim airway is more difficult to intubate.

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7S3 Modular Airway Trainers are unparalleled in its attention to realistically simulating intubation, ensuring that medical practitioners receive training that translates into superior patient care. 7S3 Modular Airway Trainers ingrain and fortify the skills and knowledge necessary for successful intubation by providing the most comprehensive simulation of a real patient in a cost-effective package.
  • Unparalleled fidelity and realism
  • Asymmetrical right and left nasal passages
  • Anatomically correct epiglottis, tongue, vocal cords and tracheal rings
  • Breakable teeth
  • Realistic biomechanics of the jaw, neck, tongue, and epiglottis
  • Supports Sellick Maneuver training
  • Supports both oral and nasal intubation
  • Accurate simulation of common intubation errors such as right mainstem intubation and esophageal intubation
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