SIMBODIES Advanced Female Manikin

The SIMBODIES Standard Female Manikins are life-like patient simulators, often used by educators and clinicians for medical training purposes. The function of the SIMBODIES Standard Female Manikin is to replicate the look and appearance of the female human body, and are produced using skin safe Prosthetic Grade Platinum Silicone. Standard SIMBODIES Manikins are able to feature minimal medical capabilities. They have the appearance and feel of genuine human skin, colouring, hair and eyes, all of which enable the student or trainee to experience a truly immersive training experience.


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Safeguard Medical combines clinical and creative expertise in developing our SIMBODIES® medical manikins

to ensure outstanding anatomical accuracy and lifelike responses, bringing hyper-realism to training


SIMBODIES Advanced Female Manikin is purpose-built to improve clinical confidence in all training

environments and reduce hesitation when delivering life-saving trauma care. As a result of our pioneering

work to consistently provide the very best simulation products and services, Safeguard Medical’s SIMBODIES

has become a trusted, internationally recognized brand.

The Advanced Female Manikin is designed and tested for all environments:

  • Train with confidence in the heat, cold, snow, soil, sand, and rain
  • Perform over 30 medical interventions
  • Surgical airway, Urinary catheterization, and Chest tube insertion capabilities
  • Covers all training spectrums (including trauma field care and clinical care environments)
  • Ideal for TCCC tier 1–4 point-of-injury training in field environments


Advanced Female Manikin- TR0401 includes-

  • (1)Repair Kit
  • (1)Surgical Airway Kit
  • (2)Cannulation Sleeves
  • (2)Manual Bleeding Pumps
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