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SIMBODIES Manikins are life-like patient simulators, often used by educators and clinicians for medical training purposes. The function of SIMBODIES is to replicate the look and appearance of the human body; produced using skin safe Prosthetic Grade Silicone, our SIMBODIES are able to feature medical capabilities using the replication of veins, airways, jaws and teeth for added accuracy. They have the look and appearance of genuine human skin, colouring, hair and eyes, all of which enable the student or trainee to experience a truly immersive experience.

Scenario Training >

Medical training scenarios are essential to help learners apply their newfound skills. We deliver realistic, high-fidelity casualty simulation (CASSIM) support to trainers across the globe. Our Scenario Development & Planning service includes the rapid deployment of male and female trauma casualty actors, make-up artists and special effect prosthetics to replicate a wide range of civilian or battlefield injuries, adding a sense of realism to any training scenario.

Product Training >

All SIMBODIES products come in a range of variations and sizes and can be designed to suit your exact specifications. To help you get the most from your purchase or hire, we can provide dedicated product training sessions detailing exactly how to use and handle your product. All of our sessions can be tailored to ensure you receive maximum value from your order.

Manikin Hire >

A SIMBODIES Manikin is like no other. We design and manufacture life-like simulated bodies that bring a sense of realism to any training environment. All of our SIMBODIES Manikins have been designed to allow medical professionals to practice delivering life-saving, and often invasive, care in realistic but safe environments.

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Safeguard Medical SIMBODIES are available in the following product numbers and names. Please contact BMK Ventures for procurement opportunites.

TR0200 Advanced Adult Male
TR0205 Standard Adult Female
TR0209 Standard Adult Male
TR0210 Advanced 10yo Female
TR0211 Advanced 10yo Male
TR0230 Advanced Adult Female
TR0248 Advanced 5yo Female
TR0249 Advanced 5yo Male
TR0250 Advaned Infant Male
TR0253 Advaned Infant Female
TR0401-01 Pro Female Manikin (Dark Skin)
TR0401-02 Pro Female Manikin (Tan Skin)
TR0401-03 Pro Female Manikin (Light Skin)
TR0402-01 Pro Female Manikin Plus (Dark Sk
TR0402-02 Pro Female Manikin Plus (Tan Ski
TR0402-03 Pro Female Manikin Plus (Light Sk
TR0403-01 Pro Male Manikin (Dark Skin)
TR0403-02 Pro Male Manikin (Tan Skin)
TR0403-03 Pro Male Manikin (Light Skin)
TR0404-01 Pro Male Manikin Plus (Dark Skin)
TR0404-02 Pro Male Manikin Plus (Tan Skin)
TR0404-03 Pro Male Manikin Plus (Light Skin

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