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Product Description

The SK-1200 is a full-capability CASEVAC kit by design supporting air, ground and over water mobility operations. The kit provides maximum flexibility through modularity and organization; rapid separation of the litter carrier from the utility mounting sleeve allows critical components of the kit to be moved to the casualty while litter/casualty retention straps remain on the CASEVAC platform. A full compliment of Class VIII Medical supplies augments operator IFAKs at the point of wounding or during CASEVAC. DEDICATED TO THE “WARFIGHTER MEDIC™”


  • Full-Capability Combat CASEVAC Kit-Not Just a Litter in a Bag
  • USAARL Tested and Approved Litter Tie-Down/Patient Litter Straps
  • Optimal Modularity-Break-Away Concept Supports Mounted/Dismounted Operations
  • Litter Carrier Complete with SOF Warfighter IFAKs Attached
  • Positive Retention
  • Exceeds Mil-Spec and Airworthy Standards-Bomb-Proof Construction
  • Fully Assembled/Combat Packed for Immediate Employment
  • Cost Effective
  • SKEDCO Guarantee



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