Replacement Airway Assemblies

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  • Unparalleled fidelity and realism
  • Asymmetrical right and left nasal passages
  • Anatomically correct epiglottis, tongue, vocal cords and tracheal rings
  • Breakable teeth
  • Realistic biomechanics of the jaw, neck, tongue, and epiglottis
  • Supports Sellick Maneuver training
  • Supports both oral and nasal intubation
  • Accurate simulation of common intubation errors such as right mainstem intubation and esophageal intubation

The Advanced Airway Module prioritizes simulation of human tissue’s characteristic delicacy and recreation of the anatomical structures and geometry typical of human anatomy.

The Rugged Airway Module is composed of higher durometer material, but the prioritization of durability has the tradeoff of being slightly less realistic.

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The Advanced Complete Airway prioritizes simulation of human tissue’s characteristic delicacy and recreation of the anatomical structures and geometry typical of human anatomy. The range of motion and relative resistance of the jaw demonstrates the forces required to open the mouth. A realistic tongue establishes the technique needed to sweep the tongue when inserting the laryngoscope. The vocal cords, vallecula, and functioning epiglottis provide key landmarks and visual confirmation of successful intubation. Asymmetrical nasal passages demonstrate the nuances of nasal intubation. The relative asymmetry of the bronchial bifurcation has been recreated so that a right mainstem intubation occurs if imperfect technique is used. The replaceable teeth will incur trauma and damage at similar forces as real teeth. In sum, the Advanced Airway provides the best simulation substitute to a real person.

The Rugged Complete Airway Assembly Module is constructed as a single, hyper realistic and anatomically correct replaceable unit using harder, more wear resistant rubber.

The tongue’s feel and movement is critical in providing correct intubation technique. This is achieved by a tongue design using a thin, multi-layer silicone rubber skin with an interior of high quality gel. The tongue construction, like a human tongue, can be damaged if improper techniques are used. The Rugged tongue is a more durable version than that of the Challenging unit but will provide longer wear.

The epiglottis is a multi-layer, anatomically correct, construction to provide realistic movement of the epiglottis upon proper placement of the laryngoscope. This is a delicate region in a human as well as the simulated airway, and should be considered as such. Again, the Rugged unit is a more durable version and will provide longer wear then the Challenging model.

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